Sample Engagements

Wellpartner, Inc.
- Portland, OR based online prescription management and distribution platform.
- $10 million total second round funding.
- Scorpion Capital

aPix America, LLC
- Crowne Point, IN (Chicago area) based specialty media company with golf focus.
- $2 million first round funding
- Momentum Capital Partners

Frog Marketing, Inc.
- Salt Lake City, UT based indoor/outdoor media company
- $ 250,000 debt restructuring
- Strategic business realignment

EverClear Solutions, Inc.
- Oakland, CA based specialty mining and metals recovery.
- $ 10 million debt and corporate restructuring
- Business realignment

Apex Construction, Inc.
- Portland, OR based alternative/clean/green building materials manufacturer.
- $ 8 million in second round funding
- DFJ affiliated company